How Physical Therapy and Sports Massage can help resolve Knee Pain.

It is no surprise that knee pain is high on the list of musculoskeletal pain in the world today. The 21st century has seen a reduction in mobility generally, and an increase in body weight. There is a lack of movement due to technology, and this starts in the young who choose to play on a computer than with a ball.

In the world of sport and athletics, because the conditioning aspect is not, in many cases, advanced enough to take into account a progressive staged approach to strength and power, injuries inevitably occur due the body not being able to withstand the demands made upon it. Knees are particularly vulnerable here.

Sports massage and corrective training methods are highly effective in treating knee pain, injury and weakness. The methods I employ have mitigated the need for knee surgery in many cases.  The knee is a complex joint, and surgery should be a last resort.

In many cases it is not the knee that is the problem, but the surrounding structures which are out of balance, or overworked and tight.

Ben is in his mid 30’s, and came to see me with knee pain.  A language teacher by profession, but also a keen surfer, and he came to me reporting a great deal of pain on the inside of his left knee.

The pain and discomfort was having a depressive effect on Ben due to the impact the pain was having on his surfing hobby. He has been surfing in the sea for many years, but he began experiencing pain on the inside and below his left knee which inhibited this activity. He had been to knee surgeons and consultants, without any result in terms of what was actually wrong. They all said it was cartilage related and degeneration, and that he should rest and not do much if any, surfing.

However, as surfing was his love and he didn’t want to give it up, undaunted he came to me to see if sports massage would help.  

On Bens first session I carried out many tests. What was obvious was that his front of thigh quadriceps muscles were very tight, particularly on the left side. Now, as the thigh muscles connect below the knee, tightness on the quadriceps is going to have some effect on the knee.

Over the course of 5-6 sessions, I continually worked on reducing tension on Bens thigh muscles, as well as developing a comprehensive corrective exercise knee strategy.

Over the following months Ben continued to carry out his corrective exercises and started surfing slowly, and in only 2-3 months he was back surfing properly, stronger than ever and enjoying himself.

I have treated many clients with knee pain. The muscles in the leg are pivotal to the effective working of the knee joint, and the problems presented have invariably been to do with muscles other than the knee joint itself. At the first sign of pain or discomfort it is important to see a specialist quickly.

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